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This is the german homepage of MicroEmacs. Also provided is some TclTk documentation and some TclTk-programs. MicroEmacs is a powerful emacs-like texteditor which still fit's on one floppy disk. TclTk is a powerfull scripting language but also it is easy to learn.

    March/April 2004

  • Update for dgSQLite with sqlite.2.8.16
  • New version dgSQLite3 with sqlite3.2.1
  • New library kits with tclsqlite2.8.16, tclsqlite3.2.1 combined in one file. In order to access sqlite 2.0 you must do "package require -exact sqlite 2.0"
  • New application/library tsql4mk: Tiny SQL for Metakit which is not too tiny ...tsql4mk
  • New application dgHelpBrowser for great browsing of the Tcl helppages. See the tclers wiki for more information
  • November 2004

  • Bugfixes for dgMKViewer, thanks to Gerald Lester for reporting them
  • Bugfixes and many improvements for dgSQLite, tclsqlite now is version 2.8.15
  • Januar 2004

  • Updates (mostly bugfixes) for dgSQLite and dgMKViewer. Updated the SQLite.kit to the latest SQLite Version (2.8.11)
  • November 2003

  • Added an ODBC-Database Manager see dgTclODBC.
  • Added two aplications suitable for biologists. See dgBioTools
  • Update dgMKViewer0.4.b1 more oomk operations, export into sqlite db, saving joins, intersections, unions etc
  • New library packages for tix8.2, tkhtml2.0, tktreectrl1.0.8 and tclsqlite2.8.6 packed as starkits for Win32, Linux, OSF1. See Libraries.
  • Bugfixes for dgSQLite0.5.3 error if installed into path containing spaces like "Program Files" and for importing tables with quotes
  • October 2003

  • Update java-release and tcl8.4.4++.chm of the tcl8.4.4 documentation with additional libs (tcllib1.5, bwidget1.6, mk4tcl, tclodbc, tclsqlite, tablelist, wcb, itcl, tix82, win32-packages (optcl, cwind, winutils, ffidl, shortcut)) is available! For Linux/Unix-Platforms there are existing the following chm-viewers: displaychm and xchm
  • September 2003

  • Updates for dgSQLite and dgMKViewer
  • New console program dgODBC2CSV for conversion of odbc-databases into tabulated or comma separated lists
  • Earlier:

  • july 2003: some small tcltk-programs which I wrote are available: dgSQLite, dgTreePad, dgMKViewer.
  • june 2003: improved tcl-abbreviation files with (foldable) support for Tk-widgets, files, lists, arrays, tix and bwidgets: tcl.eaf and my personal tcl-mode file: mytcl.emf.
  • may 2003: tcl8.4.2.pdf: pdf-version of the tcl/tk documentation
  • may 2003: tcl8.4.2.chm: chm-version of the tcl/tk documentation
  • may 2003: tcl8.4.2++.pdf: tcl documentation with documentation of additional packages (tcllib, bwidget)
  • may 2003: tcl8.4.2++.chm: tcl documentation with documentation of additional packages (tcllib, bwidget)
  • dec 2002: me2002.chm: documentation in chm-format. This is for windows only.
  • dec 2002: me2002.pdf: MicroEmacs documentation in pdf-format.
  • dec 2002: perldoc.emf: update of the perldoc macro
  • nov 2002: hkr.emf: for the great `R'-statistics package
  • jun 2002: hkjs.emf: for javascript files
  • aug 2001: imenu.emf emacs like imenu
MicroEmacs: Provides a small introduction for new me users, some documentation and some usefull macros: more ...
TclTk: some documentation that I compiled recently and a tclkit version with inbuild Tix8.2.0: more ...