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If you use chm files please be aware that you can also use them on UNIX/LINUX: There are existing the following chm-viewers: displaychm and xchm

displaychm on UNIX
helviewer on WINDOWS

Documentation always is a critical part during development and science. Having to your finger tips what you ever have read elsewhere is important to save your brain. That's why I delivery the Tcl-docs in a format which is suitable for fast browsing the information. As a pdf-document: tcl8.4.2.pdf, and as a windows chm-file: tcl8.4.4.chm.

There is also one online release (dgWebHelp) of the tcl8.4.4 documentation for browsers with the java-plugin here! It contains a nice table of contents tree and an indexlist. Also documentation of additional libraries was added recently (tcllib1.5, bwidgets1.6 ...)!

I also packed documentation of important additional packages into the tcltk documentation (bwidget, tcllib, tclsqlite, tclodbc, snit, itcl and other) here are the links:
tcl8.4.2++.pdf and tcl8.4.4++.chm

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