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Console application to export tables from odbc-datasources. No problems anymore with the errorprone Ex*el-exports ...

Sample session:
dgroth@mg01-44 ~/mytcl
$ ./dgODBC2CSV.exe
Usage: dgODBC2TAB ?-sep sepchar(tab|comma|semikolon|space)? ?-help? database1 database2 ....
Databases are:
TESTDB  Driver: Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
DSNcsv  Driver: Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)
dgTest  Driver: Microsoft Excel-Treiber (*.xls)
ALBERTHYBS      Driver: Microsoft Text-Treiber (*.txt; *.csv)
ALBERTHYBS2     Driver: Microsoft Text-Treiber (*.txt; *.csv)
MQIS    Driver: SQL Server
GO      Driver: Microsoft Text-Treiber (*.txt; *.csv)
ALBERT  Driver: Driver do Microsoft Excel(*.xls)
EXCELSERVER     Driver: Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)

dgroth@mg01-44 ~/mytcl
$ ./dgODBC2CSV.exe -sep tab GO
fetching tabledata go_apr2003_names.txt from GO and saving into was OK!
fetching tabledata go_apr2003_tree.txt from GO and saving into was OK!

dgroth@mg01-44 ~/mytcl
$ head
GO      NAME
GO:0003673      Gene_Ontology
GO:0003674      molecular_function
GO:0008435      anticoagulant activity
GO:0016172      antifreeze activity
GO:0016173      ice nucleation inhibitor activity
GO:0016209      antioxidant activity
GO:0045174      glutathione dehydrogenase (ascorbate) activity
GO:0004362      glutathione reductase (NADPH) activity
GO:0004791      thioredoxin reductase (NADPH) activity

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